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 Imagine you've written a book that can entertain millions of people. Help some fall in love with love all over again, and learn a few lessons along the way.
And one day, the thing you've imagined is no longer just a daydream, it becomes your reality. 
What do you do?
I'll tell you exactly what you should do!
Keep writing. Keep entertaining.
Keep inspiring.

Writing isn't just a dream, it's a lifestyle!

New Book Spotlight

                Released 9. 19. 19

What’s Love Gotta Do with Marriage


Sunni Sanders grew up believing a woman should sacrifice everything for the sake of her family. She saw her mother do it; persuaded to follow in her footsteps. Sunni repeats a cycle passed down by the cream of the crop. A generational curse from women who believed they didn't have a choice but barefoot and pregnant. A time when women bickered against each other just for the sake of the man picking/choosing them.

After a problematic marriage of her own, Sunni considers she wasn’t given a good example to live by when it comes to marriage. She finds herself going against the grain; the generational curse. A grave fear of becoming her mother and takes matters into her own hands. Will Sunni succumb to the pressures of outdated teachings, or fight to be free of ancient family values?

Kashus Sanders believes he married way too young and feels trapped in a marriage he's not ready for. His life with Sunni is no walk in the park. In fact, he suspects it holds him back. Kash explores other options and finds himself creating more trouble. Until one day out the blue, he confesses everything. Tired of lying, tired of hiding, Kash promise Sunni no more secrets; including the one that may destroy the family they built together. Will Kash be the husband Sunni needs, or wants his wedding cake and eat it, too?

Tru Tillman married the love of her life, Westley, who she affectionately refers to as her West. From the beginning, the idolized couple were joined at the hip. Deemed as the perfect couple by many, and relationship goals by friends and family. Tru and West share everything; hopes, dreams, and even hard times. Thick as thieves; not allowing anyone or anything to come between them. Until one wrong decision lands them in uncharted waters. Possibly costing them their marriage. Is love, respect, loyalty, and trust enough in a marriage? The question Tru Tillman finds herself asking repeatedly.

West battles unforeseen demons. He falls short and finds himself loving his plights more than his beloved wife, Tru. He holds a huge secret from the one person he adores and would die for. The person who has his back and supports his every move. West soon finds out that keeping secrets destroys marriages. To lose the woman of his dreams becomes West greatest fear. Will West out his well-kept secret or protect it at all cost?

Naomi, a natural beauty by design and go-getter by default; all about building her brand. She abides by no one rules but her own. Naomi believes there’s just some shit school can’t teach. Like, the way to a man's heart is through his pockets.

Love for the finer things in life is Naomi’s motivation for her grind. She vows to never let a man, child, nor woman stop her from securing the bag. Making her own governs power to not take anything less than what she deserves. A firm believer of — a steady flow of currency reaps wealth and she deserves it all.

Although riches keep Naomi satisfied, she realizes it doesn’t keep her warm at night. With an appetite to explore and an adventurous personality, she seeks the attention of Nigel Nichols. A distinguished mogul of a Fortune 500 company. Naomi’s single by choice but finds herself falling head over heels.

She argues, Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number, and wealth doesn’t have an expiration date. With the help of an acquaintance, she creates a plan. A plan to make the millionaire give her the keys to his kingdom. Will Naomi put greed for fortune before morality, or will Nigel be the man to unlock the safe to a guarded heart?

Nigel Nichols entertains the young beauty but beholds a few secrets of his own. His past comes back to haunt him and causes an unforeseen disturbance in his new love affair. Nigel Nichols didn’t get to the top by being the perfect gentleman. A well-respected shark in business but would get his hands dirty if necessary. If it was up to Nigel, what happens in the dark, stays in the dark.

What's Love Gotta Do with Marriage follows three friends who suffer from marital troubles. Every marriage has secrets, but not all couples know how to master keeping them hidden. All it takes is one person gutty enough to expose the truth and all hell breaks loose.

What’s Love Gotta Do with Marriage? The million-dollar question Sunni, Kash, Tru, West, Naomi, and Nigel Nichols find themselves pondering.       


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