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Butterfly Effect​​​​​​​

The Butterfly Effect - an idea that a small change can make much bigger changes happen.

The butterfly effect serves as a metaphor for life in a chaotic world. Specifically, it suggests that small events can have very large effects.
Butterflies symbolize change.
Ressurection. Endurance. Hope. Life.
 Simple actions yield large rewards. 


One thing I learned during my journey here on earth; every day won't be a good day. The truth of the matter, some days are difficult and plain out tough. So much so, you may not want to even get out of bed, go to work, or talk to anyone. You just want to wally in your own gloom. So here's the thing; the things that got me going was reading positive things. Depositing positive affirmations back into my mind, heart, and spirit. I felt like I needed to recharge and regroup. And believe me, sometimes it was every day.

 I desire to be that source for you. A place you can go to for encouragement or recharge. Your Butterfly Effect. I will write positive notes and affirmations. You may not read them every day, but believe me, when you need them because you will… they will be here. All you have to do is check-in. No need to talk, respond or do anything but receive. 
Let's call this A Butterfly Effect - A Source of Encouragement to share into the world. 

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." `Eleanor Roosevelt