​​​​​​​Mac's Limited Edition
Best Seller Keepsakes


The perfect gems in memory of your favorite characters. 

Once the story is over, and the burning pages on your Kindle simmers, or the dust settles on your paperback on the nightstand after reading. Do you wish you had more, something tangible to remember your most favorite characters by?
Well, we have you in mind at all times. We want to give our readers the most pleasurable reading experience known to mankind; other than reading the book itself.
Keepsakes that manages to evoke pure nostalgia of your favorite character (s). 


Mac's Limited Edition Best Seller Keepsakes

 Kimono Robe Keepsake

Book: What's Love Gotta Do with Marriage.

Straight out of Naomi's Collection of Kimono Robes.
We offer a similar design in assorted colors.
Just to give you the Naomi, Kimono Experience!
One size fits all.


Champagne Glasses Keepsakes

Book: What's Love Gotta Do with Marriage   
Tru, Sunni, and Naomi would do girls night out, even took a girls trip as they chilled and shared their life experiences. Nothings more satisfying than a glass of cold Bubbly shared with your girlfriends in a casual girl chat. We offer a similar set of 3.
Just to give you and your besties a Tru, Sunni, and Naomi experience at your next girl chat.




Book: What's Love Gotta Do with Marriage

Tru Tillman, a licensed Esthetician, and known to most of Miami as the Eyelashologist in the book. Tru slayed the girls' lashes and offered  words of wisdom.
We offer you a similar design to get the Tru Experience or keep as your Tru Keepsake!


Mac's Limited Edition Best Seller Keepsakes 

As we update our website, more keepsakes will be available. 

These priceless collectibles are truly limited. The best time to cop them is when the book first drops to be sure you get yours. 

All Best Sellers Keepsakes will be available soon.

These special items are a figment of the Authors imagination as the story was created. The Author gives readers a peek into her imagination during the creating process. Items are ONLY for keepsakes purposes and shouldn't be resold.

Credit is given to the original designers of all merchandise.

Book: What's Love Gotta Do with Marriage

Characters: Tru Sunni Naomi West Nigel Hart & Cam
Keepsakes: Kimono Robe, Set of Lash Extensions, Set of Champagne Glasses.

More items are coming in this collection

Book: Love Wounds